Free from the RSS Curse!

Image by quapan

Yay! Praise the lord, I’m free of the evil curse that I’ve had a while with RSS feeds. I’ve had too many of them in my reader in too many different categories. My fault, yes I know, but now I manage.

Today I just thought to run a routine check of my feeds that I haven’t had the time to read that much lately and guess what? I began to unsubscribe them one by one [no more waiting if someone wakes up and starts them again] and found that fewer folders for feeds can be achieved and the dead ones and uninteresting got to go.

For example, I deleted few folders named ‘Blogs’. It just happens to be, that most of the feeds I read are from blogs. This clearly shows how blogs have truly become the information channel of the Web era.

By the way, yesterday I really wanted to buy myself a good ol’ paper magazine. I went through The Economist, Fortune, Newsweek and Businessweek, and realized that no matter how good these papers are [I especially like The Economist], I didn’t want to buy them because I could read almost all the same things from the Web, and more.

Someone who’s ‘pro paper’ might say that the journalism or writing is better in the magazines. Well is it still, really? If there are dozens of great blogs and free news sites that educate me and make me think out-of-the-box, haven’t they then succeeded in what they supposed to do?

What will happen when more and more people like me realize all this and connect it to their behavior? Do I even have to answer this?


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