Social Media Screw Up

Image by WASABIdesign

Okay the title may be a bit harsh, but there’s a point to it. I’ve been an entrepreneur for a month now, and my social media usage has been dropping ever since I started. Why? Because I’ve had more important things to do at the time. If you like, call this as my post for remission.

This is the thing we, the social media professionals, should take in consideration while selling our thing: the prospect is living in a world where he or she has, or at least they think they have, 1 000 and + more important things to do than take care of their presence in things like Twitter or Facebook– if we cannot convince them of  the real benefit they have in using these services.

Compared to old advertising ways, like newspapers and brochures, social media or a bit wider term I like to use, digital marketing, takes more time, and someone who has the time to do it. This is a serious threshold we have to understand while preaching our mantra out there: what it takes from the client? Who’s going to run their social media strategy, them or you? Do they have the time/capability to do it or even the money to pay you to do it for them, and how long?

There are many questions to be solved and we have the responsibility for answering them. We cannot have clients who don’t really understand where they are investing their time and money. We have to educate them at the same time, and also educate ourselves as professionals.

But hey, here I was again, writing the blog. Have to say I’ve missed writing it. Of course a lot of my time has lately gone to establishing my new company, Digital_Alpaca. In 1.11. the burden should be a bit lighter as the website along with many other basic things to be done is going to be finished. But then they are ready and I can fully put my mind into just doing business, right? Yes isn’t the right answer here.

Remember the header of this post? One has to constantly remind himself of keeping in touch with the Web. If I wouldn’t do so, the whole idea of my company and the social media aspect of it would be total bullshit, right? You just can’t preach one and act the other.


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