Social Media Mycelium

Image by scloopy (License)

While the huge Social Media monster keeps getting bigger and bigger with new services and applications, smaller symbiotic concepts related to services like Twitter keep popping up like mushrooms in the rain. What will become of these and will they make profitable business or stay as a hobby for people who like to create these things but can’t do it in their current work?

I became to think of this when I encountered a service twtbizcard, in where you can generate your own Twitter business card and send it to your followers. Sounds stupid? Well if you think of it, doesn’t it also sound a bit stupid to cut down trees, make paper out of them, design a business card on it, print 500 pieces of them and when suddenly your phone number changes and you’ve only shared about 50 of them, you have to get new ones? Isn’t this stupid? Is this ‘sustainable’.

I’m not saying that everything in the Web will or should replace those in the real world. I’m more suggesting that these are substantial things to consider as ‘the future way’, not something childish or irrelevant.

This is all very interesting. Just a while ago Inside Facebook wrote about how Facebook is expanding its Gift Shop. A thing like Facebook gift may sound again a bit stupid. “Who even buys those silly things?” you may ask. But, like I wrote earlier that Not having a revenue model is the new pink, I believe this is just the beginning of something bigger. This goes by the book, form from smaller to larger. That’s why I think services like Fruugo aren’t doing their concept creation with the terms of the new world.

You cannot pop up a community from nothing when you want it. It’s like growing a plant; you need to take care of it, feed it with right nutrition and follow it grow bit by bit.

I believe in all online business, we’re currently living interesting times. It will not take much longer when today’s webservices have grown bigger and are the giants of tomorrow in creating real online revenue, not just living with angel money.

I again like to remember Google. It was just a search engine, what is it now? An undefined giant. Twitter, most likely in the beginning of its life span, is now already much bigger as a community, so what might it be after 5 years if everything goes as well?


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