Augmented reality mobile applications

Image by Régis Gaidot (Licence)

Lately I’ve become more and more fascinated with augmented reality mobile applications. Future [and already contemporary] applications will most likely drastically change many things in our behavior, for example how we act in our environment and for example what services we’re going to need or won’t need when we travel and adventure cities new to us.

Mashable has a nice  post about six application to iPhone and Android phones in Top 6 Augmented Reality Mobile Apps [Videos]. It seems like sci-fi, but it’s already yesterday’s news [The Mashable’s post is from yesterday]. Watching these makes the future of using the ‘phone’ very interesting.

I wonder where are Nokia applications like these, I’d really like to see more what’s going on there? For comparison, here are the latest finalists of the Calling All Innovators contest. There are 4 categories: Internet Innovation, Flash, Emerging Markets and Mobile Necessities and Apps on Maps.

If someone got more interesting links to similar like these, please share them!


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