CIE – Center for Internet Excellence

This morning I read from Kauppalehti about CIE [Center for Internet Excellence], a newly established center in Oulu Finland, where academics, researchers and business people can do collaborative work. If you’re interested, read more from their site

I think the idea is great and believe we really need more things like this in the contemporary world. Let research and business world unite!

After reading I began to wonder, why haven’t I heard about this before? Is it again, that Finns have [accidentally] tried to hide this before they launch it, a stupid mistake they often like to do here with new innovations and ideas? It can’t be that I don’t follow my field’s news, because I know I sometimes do it even too much. So, why haven’t Finnish news sites written about this? This is important!

In cases like these we could learn so much from the Americans; they know how to do the hype and know how to talk about their stuff, with head up.

If I understand correctly, one mission of CIE platform is to help start-ups to grow and evolve. I sure hope there are people who can open their mouths and really market them correctly.

CIE had their grand opening yesterday and I wish the best of luck to them!


2 thoughts on “CIE – Center for Internet Excellence

  1. Hi Marko,

    This is indeed good news! Oftentimes it feels like the Finns are merely arguing whether using Facebook is appropriate or not. It is good to find true social media aficionados round here too 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment Cristina, much appreciated!

      It’s sad that in many things in the social media field we’re a bit behind here. But trying to raise the level of the conversation on my behalf, and I’ve seen others do it too, so I’m confident about the future! 🙂

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