Issue on newspapers – re-revisited

Image by Jonah G.S. (License)

I wasn’t going to say anything anymore about the subject concerning the distress of the newspapers [I feel this subject is already worn out and passe], but when one of them publishes a column which is one of the most naive I’ve read this year, I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

This certain Finnish paper is one that I like to read daily and feel they still have authority to speak about the issues they discuss, but today they really hit their head to the wall.

A one writer of the paper, completely moron it seems, is trying to reason why a newspaper is better than an electric reading device with other targets of usage than reading! For example, how would the writer cover his floor when he is going to paint the walls of his house, not with Amazon Kindle anyway, but with newspapers of course! Same thing with fish and flowers; salesperson can’t wrap them to an electric reading device.

Well I have to answer to this; I haven’t in ages got my fish or anything else that I’ve bought in a newspaper, mostly maybe because it is too darn expensive paper to use to things like that. And when I’m painting my walls I’m using plastic sheeting on my floors which is reusable to other renovating targets in the future, as newspapers wear out before you’ve even hit the painting phase.

I don’t even wipe my ass to the newspaper anymore; I did this a while when I was a child [really, I did!], before of the whole toilet paper thing. So the newspaper is no good in that too. And I don’t like to have neither my ass or my fish, covered with toxins that newspaper ink may consist of.

The column in the paper has to be a joke. But if it is one, in a daily newspaper about economy, I have to ask what the heck is the purpose to waste expensive space to something as stupid as this? The columnist, to me anyway, gives an impression that he’s a dinosaur.

If this is the best they can, they are even deeper than I imagined. There’s this one golden rule in succeeding in business: don’t make your customers or potential ones feel themselves like an ass [the donkey kind of thing]. There are still people reading your papers, but they also know the benefits of the ‘Web thing’ often better than most of you, and stepping on their toes on issues like this won’t most definitely increase your sales.


3 thoughts on “Issue on newspapers – re-revisited

  1. After first paragraph I had great idea to comment about wiping ass, but you had thought it through already 🙂

    But that columnist reminds me about one older guy who just told me that they should report their daily work with computer, but he and his coworkers just wont do it because they dont like computers. They are all over fifty and if they cant do it with paper and pencil, they will walk.

    That columnist probably write his stories without computer as it always might come power cut.

    • Thanks for the comment Janne!

      This just may be the case. For me it’s just stupid: to be an obstacle of progress without any good reason. Oh well, everyone has to find their raison d’être from somewhere, right?

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