Thinking about virtual distribution of entertainment, and its sustainability

Image by NIOSH – Nat Inst for Occupational Safety & Health (License)

There always seems to be some kind of invisible, unstoppable balance everywhere: If you take something away from here, something happens there. That seems to be inevitable, almost like we’ve destined to loose. But could it be that once development is helping us? Can it be that Internet saves?

News about game startups like this, talks, rumors and hand on experience about the death of physical music distribution [CD’s & DVD’s etc.] and products like Amazon Kindle makes one ponder; could it be that for once development means something that may save some nature, instead of raising the need of digging it even deeper?

I touched this idea of ‘sustainability through virtual goods’ in a post about Spotify, but today I’m just wondering: does it change anything that things once as solid are turning virtual? Or is this again away from somewhere else until we realize we are even more knee deep in it than we used to be?

And how will this all affect to the countries and the people there who produce and sell the materials to these goods we used to consume as concrete material? What happens to them if the demand drops?


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