About the Lamentation of Media Houses

Image by Tidewater Muse (License)

It’s just boring already.

When do children usually cry? Often when someone has stolen their toys or wants to play different kinds of games that they would like to.

When do large adults cry? For the same reasons, and because of the fact that their old playmates have turned their backs on them. The ones that used to be friends have become foes, to them. But their old buddies don’t feel like this.

What the hell I’m talking ab0ut again? I’m expressing my not so empathic attitude towards large media houses [some of them were also called as newspapers in the history]. They are now in total panik panik panik, because of the most usual behavior model of human beings have occurred again: it’s people working in ambiguous ways.

Did newspapers and other really think that they just could carry on forever like they had been doing? Did the “if people get news faster from the web they probably don’t want to read the same old news from the newspapers anymore” come as a surprise to them? Well seem like it.

Last week I visited a small morning seminar which was presented by a one of these large ‘media houses’. They presented their realization of the future model where the ‘customer’ [i.e. reader or the consumer of media] is in the center of the palette, and magazines are just one part of the media palette.

This is the place where the stand up comedians often keep the short silent moment and see if people get the joke and laugh.

Well, no kidding! is my answer for the presenters. Was that model really that big of an eye opener to them? If this is the so called new stuff they are currently inventing to keep their customers, I got only one thing to say to them; you are screwed.

And one other thing that I can’t stand anymore is that large corporates who once ruled the media scene like mastodons are now camouflaging their downfall to something that I and people like me have brought to them. Sometimes I feel like I should be ashamed of that I don’t want to spend my hard earned money to their lame attempts to entertain me.

The fact is that they are crying just because they are loosing their revenues. And like I said, they are in panik panik panik because they don’t have the brain muscle to invent new business models.

This morning I read an almost interesting interview and article about this subject from Kauppalehti. There this el director guy was saying how using web is in integral part in their business development and they want to improve it further, but in a way that wouldn’t harm printed press which is their main media and bring most of the revenue.

Well, nice one there, but sounds a bit sticking in the past. If that is the way you want to go I say good luck to the try and I’ll see how your empire will soon grumble and fall. Reading newspapers have steadily been sinking, and we have still a large sum of people who have born before TV. What about when they are gone?

Also a small comment to the Emperor Rupert Murdoch; There’s this unwritten law in Internet that everyone who are not unfamiliar with it should get to their heads; When you put something out free, your possibility afterwards gain money with it is almost slim or none.

See downloading music. Even older people are downloading music ‘illegally’ from the web. Just because it’s free there. Most likely if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t download it that much – maybe. The point being here; you can’t control the minds of the people about what is free.

And stop pointing your blaming finger around through media space you own. Do it somewhere else than in your own magazines etc. That’s called propaganda and I will personally end ordering every paper and boycott their website which are trying to bring up these kinds of hidden between the lines messages.

So cry all you want, but don’t make me feel like I’ve stolen your toys and don’t want to play with you anymore.


2 thoughts on “About the Lamentation of Media Houses

  1. One thing that strikes me is that these big publishing corps keep talking about a “recession” in media business. Like it’d come back just like it was after a year or three. They’ll have to realize that the time long gone isn’t coming back, and instead of recession they’ve got an ancension (if you will) in their hands. You better be ready to go up where the customers are, or start finding a new job. Newspapers still have the authority to publish quality articles and news, they just have to find a new business model to support it.

    • Thanks Matti for the comment!

      I believe the “finding the right business model” is the reason they are so mixed up now. Of course I as a layman not in charge of a media house’s business’ [thankfully] don’t know what really is going on inside their towers, but what it looks like to me as a bystander is that they are standing hands straight and watching as new children are conquering their playgrounds, and they just don’t know how to play the new games and don’t have the guts to ask the other children an advice.

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