Album: Crack the Skye by Mastodon


Here’s all to you ‘I buy all my records from the iTunes’ -guys out there: I just bought the new Mastodon album titled ‘Crack the Skye’, in CD, and the album artwork that I now possess in the physical world, can’t ever be dethroned by a digital album cover.

The leaflet itself is pure art [sorry that I cannot show all the pretty pictures here ’cause I’d had to scan the whole thing and that wouldn’t ever do justice for the print job]. The printing and art direction is very, very professional; I believe they have even used additional bronze ink on top of the artwork to get a cool effect throughout the album, and succeeded to have an outcome like this, which is challenging. All my compliments to the art director, the design team and the printer.

One thing that came to my mind after I recently had this one conversation about whether to buy Cd’s or get them from the web is this; possible replacement [or addition]o t the printed leaflet in the future could be some kind of digital leaflet or presentation, for example made with Flash. If there even was need for this.

But still, it wouldn’t be the same, ’cause I like to have days when I don’t have to put my 10+ electric appliances and gadgets on in my home. Sometimes it’s just pure relaxing to listen to the music and browse through an album leaflet and feel it in your hands. Right?

Now only thing that bothers me is that, as always, there could’ve been another cooler version of the album available here.


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