Where are our manners?


This is my claim to bring back manners. Yes, the little things probably your mother [hopefully] thought you when you were a child. Still remember them, in the back of your head?

  1. You are not that busy to say please when ordering, nor thank you, when you got it.
  2. You are not that important to let those couple little words pass. It makes you a bigger human being when you ask nicely even when there’s no must of it.

So here’s an easy list for you to learn. Practice it everyday, all day:

  1. When asking something from someone, or you just want to be nice -> USE: Please
  2. When receiving something from someone, or you just want to be nice -> USE: Thank you

Learning these easy two steps won’t cost you anything. Not learning them will most likely cost you in some point; doesn’t matter if it’s in your spare time or in your business life.


One thought on “Where are our manners?

  1. I find it so saddening that people must be reminded of such simple things, but you’re absolutely right.

    The most beautiful world in the world in my opinion? Thank you.

    And what’s best, repeating it won’t lessen its value at all – quite the contrary!

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