Book: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

cameronWell, what can I say about this book? It’s awesome. And I bought it by accident. It was in a bookstore, watching me from the shelf, and attacked me when I passed it by. And I can say that this is one of the best books I’ve read, til now, dealing with creativity and how to systematically unlock one’s creative mind.

What’s it about

In my opinion, it’s really a comprehensive guide to yourself, not just another one of those 12 steps programs you see in millions out there. Although this is divided in 12 weeks, and at first I was thinking ‘Another one of these’, but the format in this case defends its place.

The book doesn’t work like ‘snap’, and after reading it you are done. In it Ms Cameron introduces many good questions and thoughts about creativity and how you should live it. And puts you to work to achieve results. Merely reading, as in many other cases, isn’t enough.

First impressions

When I read this I was like, ‘OK now we are going a bit over the top in some things’. But when you let go of your prejudices and read the text with an open mind, it feels good. And after all, if you’re supposed to be a creative and open-minded person, you should have an open-minded approach to these things too and determine what works for you best.

Possible inspirations

  • The concept of describing creativity as it is; a whole that you have to nurture and feed, not a separate feature you can just turn on and off as you please
  • Creativity should be fun! Like when you were a child. –This point I really enjoyed. Too many times I see, that ‘creating’ has become a too big deal
  • Dozens of magnificent quotes to make you think

Possible turn downs

  • Talking about God in the sense she does, may drive away some people. But those who have a broad view to life and are able to think outside the box, shouldn’t feel any discomfort
  • Some parts of the texts may be a bit pampering, but perhaps that’s just me

Some things from the book

  • Artist’s dates
  • Morning pages

For who?

To artists of any kind, and to all those who wrestle with creativity in their lives, or want to understand it a bit better.



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