What can we learn from Fletch?


‘Fletch’ is a movie starred by Chevy Chase, filmed back in the 80’s. I saw this movie a while ago and realized, that Fletch is one of the best sales persons and workers I have ever seen.

I know I may seem a really boring guy, because I can’t even watch funny 80’s comedies without turning them to a “lesson to be learned in marketing”. But still, I have to spill out these things that came to mind.

  1. He does what ever is necessary to get the results. He borrows, he steals and he uses his brains. So he…
  2. …doesn’t whine, he acts. He doesn’t use his energy in useless squealing, but keeps on going like a train.
  3. He speaks his way out from anything.
  4. He improvises. You could say he’s in a constant state of improvisation. It’s as if the one almighty spoke through him. He has the nerve to let go and the situation carries him to the end.
  5. Failure isn’t an option, he doesn’t believe in one although in some point everything and everyone is against him. There’s one situation where he’s potentially failing to speak himself out from, but gets saved by the old “Your shoe lace is untied” gag, and while the other guy takes a look, he kicks him in the nuts. Yeah, sometimes you have to play rough and the old tricks work best.
  6. He never doubts himself. It’s not good to be cocky, but to underestimate yourself, that’s even worse.
  7. His fellow workers like him, and [thus] even help him although they might get into trouble.
  8. He’s charming and funny. –Do I have to say more on this?
  9. He exceeds his boss’s expectations and thus in the end, gets more privileges, more pay and unconditional admiration from his colleagues. Isn’t this what we all want in the end?

OK, the work life is rarely as cheerful, light and by the books as a Chevy Chase comedy, but once again, life’s wisdom can be found anywhere you seek it.


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