A small hint for using and creating Facebook applications


Have you ever come across a Facebook application that doesn’t work properly? Well, I have, and too many. And it is frustrating.

Here’s a small ring ring reminder to all of you Facebook users and developers out there.


  1. Read the application’s wall posts before installing anything. If you didn’t and the application won’t work -> go to point three.
  2. If you are not sure if the application is reliable and you can’t seem to find enough information about it in Facebook [which is rarely the case], try it  from search engines. Yes, I know this may seem too obvious, but why do you think I’m writing this here?
  3. Read the application’s wall posts. If you see someone having the same problem as you, but his or her post is made something like a year ago, there’s a big chance that they’ll never fix the app.
  4. It isn’t any guarantee to think that if many people have it is safe. Many people have the same viruses for the same reasons; they trust too easily. I’m not implying that the Facebook applications aren’t safe, but am pointing out to think with your own head.


  1. Make it work. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding something you like and seeing that it doesn’t work. Your possible users will flee [if they are smart], if it doesn’t work.
  2. Make a good FAQ or Wiki or at least something. I don’t think that your application is that easy to use for everyone. If it is, good. But still, the documentation will help.

For example, I’m using WordPress because it is usable. Not because it’s somehow cooler than other services out there.

I tried couple of services, but because I had to use too much energy in finding out how to use them, I carried on searching.

I have said this before and say it again; the user doesn’t want to feel he is stupid. The user wants to use.


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