I found the key – what’s yours?


Last weekend I was going to buy myself a new spare key for our home. In a mall, place filled with lots of stores and hard to stand out, I saw a poster in a store window where I was presented with a text ‘We are selling keys with different textures!’.

“Whoa”, I thought, “what an innovation!”. Well, maybe not really, but something else than just another grey object to the collection of many.

This little anomaly in the usually dull group of products got me to buy the thing I was looking for from that certain store and even pay a little more extra. Even a small way to stand out from the mass may be the key to attract customers and even get a bit more revenue than your competitors.

For example routers are often items some may consider hard to market, but look at this one. Many times it just depends on you being inventive and bold. How does your product stand out?


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