“My friends and associates do it, now I dare too”

This is a small criticism towards funny characteristics I have noticed in some people working in and around the advertisement business.

I believe that your number one responsibility as a marketing professional is to enlarge your, and your client’s perspectives on what is current marketing and advertising, and offer your client the best contemporary ways of brand management.

Sometimes I just can’t understand how it can be possible that the people in the business are afraid of the “strange unknown”. If your client proposes you he would like to advertise in Facebook, be afraid. You have dropped the ball.

This simple request to deliver something new means, you are way behind the development, and most likely, behind the other ad-creative-etc. agencies too. And do I even have to mention it’s bad for your business?

If you are working in an area where you supposed to be innovative, bold and get up with new fascinating ideas, how can you be afraid of the new, fascinating ideas of other people? In this case I mean ideas (i.e. services) like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or what ever the next ZingaZingaZoo web startup may be.

Note: The social web services are here not to take your soul, but are the next level of the web. And they will not just disappear.

Someone pretty much like you has come up with them. And there will be more.

Like the reality that surrounds us, so will the reality we call the web be ever changing. It is up to you to change your behavior accordingly. If you are a professional working in the business, you know you have to always keep your eyes and ears open for the new unknown or perish as the ancient dodo.


3 thoughts on ““My friends and associates do it, now I dare too”

  1. I so agree with you. Facebook etc offer opportunities to really connect with people and for business to show their humaness. Used with integrity it’s a great way to create a conversation with your market place and isn’t that what marketing is all about, that is, creating a conversation with people?

  2. I agree with just about everything in this entry.

    If the signal to do something new comes from the client, you are already late and need to catch up. Or someone else will. ; )

    People generally are afraid
    – that they look stupid
    – to look not-busy (look at ad people today)
    – to kick back and really learn something new

    I envy my first-born. He has the ability not to care if he fails the first thirty times or so.

    We, in this line of business, should never grow up.


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