Some new coming ways of HCI

When Nintendo published Nintendo Wii and thus the Wiimote, everyone were really excited about its new unique motion detection: It’s fun and in most cases really brings a lot more to gaming. But still, sometimes it is a bit inaccurate and clearly just a small step towards a different way of controlling devices. Still, most likely as the time goes by, people will still remember Wiimote as the first this kind of HCI device made for consumer use.

Well, now there’s a lot more coming. Almost daily you can hear news about new ways of controlling devices or UI’s, and how the technologies are going to be more accurate and versatile than the current ones. When you think of it, did you really believe that the ‘mouse way of controlling’ was going to last forever? After all, in many cases it’s not that good or efficient way.

Motion detection techniques could bring more intuition for example to 3D modeling, and most likely we the gamers wouldn’t be complaining either. It would be interesting to see how these kinds of UI controlling systems could be applied to mobile phones. Touch screens are a step forward, but how about mobile motion detection in UI usage? Probably someday we’ll see.

Here’s a couple of interesting links about this subject. When you look at these videos, you can have a glimpse of the future – technically these are already real functioning concepts – and I have to say, all of a sudden, the Wiimote doesn’t feel that cool and unique anymore.

If you have something to say about the subject or more links to this area, please share them here if you will.

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